It sounds to good to be true, right? How can you lose 7 pounds in 7 days safely and effectively without any crazy fad diets or dangerous pills and potions? But the methods I’m about to show you are all scientifically backed and safe. These methods are the same methods celebrity trainers and nutritionists use to help their clients lose weight before big events. And these are the same exact methods I have used successfully for the past 15 years with my normal everyday clients who are women with 9-5 jobs, stay at home moms, and everything in between to help them achieve fast, safe, and effective weight loss. I’ll take you through the basic steps, the method and science behind it, and explain why you don’t need to exercise to lose the 7 pounds in 7 days.  

Is Losing 7 Pounds in 7 Days Healthy?

Absolutely! Did you know researchers have found that fast weight loss is much more effective in both short term and long-term weight loss than losing weight slowly? (1) Not only are the results of fast weight loss more sustainable but it’s also easier to stay motivated to lose weight if you see quick results. This 7 pounds in 7 days weight loss method is both highly nutritious and effective because it requires you to eat lots of vegetables and high quality proteins so that your body gets the good fuel it needs while eating things that nourish it from the inside out. Carbs will be not part of the eating plan for the 7 days. The fact that you will be highly nourished during the 7 day journey is what makes the fast weight loss healthy. Past clients have reported feeling incredibly light and energized after the 7 days.    

You Don’t Need to Exercise During the 7 Days

For fast weight loss, a nutritionally dense diet is much more important that exercise. You don’t need to exercise during the 7 days. An important reason as to why I don’t recommend exercise for the 7 day period is that because of the nutritionally dense foods you’ll be eating while eliminating carbs, energy levels required for effective exercise won’t be sufficient due to significantly reduced glycogen levels in the blood stream from cutting out carbs. Also, intense exercise depletes glycogen from your blood which in turn makes you crave unhealthy foods. So let’s stick to super nutritious meals and eliminate exercise. This will also allow you to stay motivated because it only requires you to focus on one thing: what to eat. You don’t need to hassle and worry about a hundred different exercises you need to do to quickly lose weight. Super simple yet effective.

Two Major Keys to Effective Weight Loss

You have to cut down on your salt intake to 1500mg-2300mg per day and eliminate foods you might be allergic to. Make sure you absolutely do not cut salt out of your diet because that is unhealthy and unnecessary, just bring it down to a healthy level. In the average diet there in too much salt intake which causes bloating and water retention in “difficult to lose weight” regions such as your stomach. Eating foods that you’re allergic to will slow down the weight loss process. And in the long run it will also cause a whole lot of other health problems that aren’t apparent now. Often, food allergies go unnoticed because the reaction is small and not obvious. To be successful in the 7 day weight loss journey, it’s best to cut out all potentially allergic food items such as dairy, gluten, and others.

What to Eat to Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days

You must eat a lot of nutritionally dense, low carb vegetables. Why? Vegetables are high in fiber and packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Giving your body wholesome and good nutrition is the key to losing 7 pounds in 7 days. Why low carb vegetables? Because high carb vegetables like potatoes will slow down your weight loss results. Lots of high quality protein. Protein is essential to healthy and effective weight loss. Without good quality protein in your diet your metabolism will slow down and your muscle fibers will begin wasting away. Protein will also make you feel full and satisfied after eating while reducing cravings. High quality protein also stabilizes blood sugar levels and slows down the aging process.

What Not to Eat

This may surprise you but cutting calories isn’t enough to lose weight fast. Often times people cut calories and still don’t lose weight because their insulin level is too high. In order to burn fat fast, your insulin levels have to be low. Eating too many unhealthy highly processed foods and a diet high in carbs will cause your body to become insulin resistant, making it nearly impossible to lose weight. That’s why for the 7 days you must eliminate carbs from your diet. You can return to eating good complex carbs after the 7 days is over, but for the duration of 7 days you must cut carbs completely out.

Get Step by Step Instructions and Exact “How-To” in the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge

Okay so now you’ve got all the basics, but there are ways to best implement these strategies to get the best results safely and effectively. You can find those steps and strategies in the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge. What are the strategies and steps? An exact list of foods to consume. An exact list of foods not to eat. The exact times during the day you should eat to get the best results. How to cook your food and with what ingredients. How to continue to lose weight after the 7 day period. I’ve had clients lose and average of 10-21 pounds by completing the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge, and they absolutely loved it because not only did it help them lose weight quickly and safely but it helped them in the long term by changing their eating habits and overall health. This is a truly thorough program. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your health and weight, and even your life, take the 21 Day Challenge and begin your journey today. Why wait to feel and look your best?